Wow!! What a weekend in KODI World That was!

Just another quiet weekend in the world of KODI....NOT. The weekend started with a black cloud 'KODI HAD BEEN SHUT DOWN' Loads of news stories and videos soon appeared with perspectives from both sides. Some, like saying it was real and others like myself who delved a bit deeper thought was an April Fools Joke. It was in fact, the release of their new website which coincided with April Fools Day. A clever way to gain more publicity but some in the community thought they had gone too far. I thought it was genius!

The big news was the release of ONE242415's add on independent of Phoenix where it had been for many years. The add on has also been updated and includes Live Sports as well as all the other fantastic, eclectic material. Check out the video review and guide to install below.

Well with our breath caught and heart rates edging back towards normal we look forward to another quiet week in media streaming. What will happen next? Make sure you subscribe for email updates and find out first! Also check out my latest add on review of Boxing Hits a superb Kodi Add On which pulls together Live and Classic boxing as well as documentaries and movies.