If you are Considering Paying for a Sports Sub - WATCH THIS

There are plenty of people that are considering paying for IPTV or a Sports Sub. This is designed for them to compare two services of which I have no connection with other than reviewing. I understand that many feel paying is wrong and I respect that.

However, there are also many that want easy to find, reliable good quality streams and will pay for it, this is to help them choose. I am looking at Ultimania on Kodi and a new service I featured last week via IPTV on a Plex Player.

Many people were confused by the Plex service and mistakenly thought it was where you set up Plex Media Server - It isn't it is a simple player that is ideal for Smart TV's and other devices.

The video below looks at the pro's and con's of both and will hopefully help you decide, if you are going to get one, which you'd prefer. Watch the video below.