Indigo - Forced Add On & Deleting Others?

Emerkodi, Kodination Street, Kodienders would be apt names to sum up the community this week. Hot on the heels of Lambda leaving the Exodus add on a new drama has unfolded today. A forced install of the Indigo Add On by Now this alone would be a little odd but not unheard of, remember when Apple sent every iTunes account the U2 album without people requesting it?


TV Add ons do seem to have gone one stage further, with people reporting that it has also 'force deleted' some add ons. The folks at koditips have screenshots of code which appears to block the Hub Maintenance from the team at XUnity Talk.

Having looked at the add on it is in actual fact an amalgamation of a number of their others rolled into one. Facebook, twitter and other forums have been up in arms with the 'dictator' type approach.

Others have also reported that it is a bit awkward to delete and also some have said that it reinstalls itself.

Anyone with the tvaddons repo will now have this add on and I guess if you want a 100% way of avoiding then you ought to delete the source repo. Others have said they are not too bothered, Echo Wizard said they found their code in the add on, but as they are happy to share code, they are not fussed.

Take a look at the video below, it will show you the add on and let us know which side of the fence you are on. Remember, tune in next week (or probably later this) for the next episode in the ongoing Kodi drama series!